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If you’re on a tight budget, a new vehicle might not be a potential solution. Al-Ghani Motors is pleasantly able to assist. We have a wide range of pre-owned cars from today’s major automakers. Not to mention, our auto repair and maintenance team has given each of our used vehicles a comprehensive inspection to ensure their dependability and safety.

While our used models are always affordable, we want to assist you to find a competitive financing package to keep your monthly payments reasonable. We have an array of financing options to choose from, and our team can help you navigate the process to find a payment plan that works best for your budget.
Find the best new cars first and pre-book the vehicle you love. Customers can research and preview new car models before they are released and then reserve or pre-order the ones they are interested in.

Get your hands on the latest models. Pre-booking a car will also allow our customers to secure a specific model or trim level and potentially save money by locking in a price before the vehicle is released.
We offer you tailored leasing, financing, and warranty solutions. We provide customized options for our customers looking to lease, finance, or purchase warranties for cars. Tailored solutions are beneficial because they allow our customers to choose options that best fit their specific needs and budget.

We give our clients clear guidance about the choices available to them so they may make smarter choices.
We offer an extended warranty for pre-owned cars in a form of a contract that provides additional coverage beyond the original manufacturer’s warranty. These warranties will help protect you against unexpected repair costs.

With the extended warranty, you can rest assured knowing that if anything does go wrong with your pre-owned car, you are covered for any potential repair costs.

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Al-Ghani Motors offer maintenance and repair work that is performed by our technicians who have been trained and certified by the manufacturer, work is being performed by technicians who have received specialized training and are using factory-approved parts and tools. This can help ensure that the work is done correctly and that the product is maintained to the manufacturer’s standards.

The advantages of our services are numerous, from the assurance that we use only certified technicians to the guarantee that factory-approved parts and tools will be used.

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